Covid:19 Update

Covid:19 Update

For all of our Valued Customers, as small businesses continue to work with Health Officials to minimize the spread of Coronavirus we will be implementing the following procedures:

We are providing counseling services via Tele-Health for you to continue your therapy services uninterrupted. We understand that this is a trying time for everyone, and we want to provide support for you during this time of need. You may be experiencing many emotions, including the fear of the unknown, which can trigger anxiety and depression. This is normal. Try to stay on a routine as much as you can, take a daily walk, drink plenty of water, and engage in daily meditations. Please call us for counseling if you need additional support.

All of our Get S-M-A-R-T classes are being offered via tele-conference during this time. If you have registered for a class, or you’re an agency licensing our program, please call us for more information. The program can be facilitated from an on-line platform where participants can receive experiential learning.

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