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Immense Benefits of Meditative Stillness During Quarantine

As a psychotherapist in private practice and the owner of the local Meditation/Stillness studio, SY-Your Stillness, Simone Yeomans, PhD, MS, LMFT is helping our community and beyond by offering FREE online Meditative Stillness classes three times a week in addition to a FREE daily 5 minute BREATHING BREAK meditation to recenter your awareness and enter your intrinsic…
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Outpatient Mental Health and Substance Abuse Treatment Centers find a New Normal

In response to COVID:19 many outpatient counseling centers have had to adjust to new guidelines and safety measures.  For some, this meant cancelling and delaying education and treatment programs.  Fortunately, others quickly began providing services remotely, through use of telehealth or video health so clients did not experience interference with their counseling services.  Clients with…
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